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  • Robbie Mappin, Director: Research & Development

    Robbie has worked in IT development for over 20 years and worked within the education system for the last 12 years. Through using a special super power, commonly referred to as 'listening', Robbie has worked side-by-side with a number of amazing class teachers, head teachers, administrators and LA representatives to ensure that we constantly push our products to the best that they can be for schools. He also continues to have a strong love for unicorns and butterflies, even though the constantly changing world of assessment affects this love from time to time.

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  • Emma Procter, After Sales Manager
    BA (Hons) Early Years

    Emma has worked in Schools and Private day care for the past 10 years, and has spent the majority of her time working within Early Years.
    She has gained knowledge of how children learn and develop over this time and used her skills to help them in their early stages of life.

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  • Mark Denton, Assessment Consultant

    Mark has worked in education for 25 years as a classteacher, education consultant and senior leader in a variety of schools and settings. He has extensive experience in the field of assessment and has undertaken the role of assessment co-ordinator at school and learning community level, and currently fulfils this responsibility at a large primary school in South Yorkshire. He is committed to making a difference to children’s lives through the insightful questioning of their performance information and you will find he is approachable, professional and always willing to help.

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  • Jayne Heald, Data Entry & Admin Support

    You will find that Jayne is only an email or phone call away to help with your everyday support. Jayne has worked in the private sector for over 25 years and has experience of providing outstanding administration & customer support. With her friendly and approachable manner you will find that Jayne is only too happy to help you.

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  • Fraser Hibberd, Trainee Programmer
    MPhys (Hons) Physics

    Fraser uses the analytical skills he developed during his degree to solve programming problems. He has experience with a variety of technologies and has written software for everything from mobile devices to embedded systems to supercomputers.

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