EAZ MAG Writer

EAZ MAG Writer - Primary edition

What is this package?

This online system has been designed with the sole ethos of minimal input/maximum output. We wanted to design a simple system whereby the user enters their assessment data once and then the system automatically generates various graphs, spreadsheets, learning journeys, trackers, etc at the click of a button.

This online system has been specifically designed as a 0 - 11 years assessment and tracking tool, which covers EYFS, FS, KS1 & KS2.

It can be easily pre-populated via your school's admin system, eg Sims, or an existing spreadsheet so that teachers can be up-and-running in minutes. Although an unlimited number of staff users can access the system at the same time, visually it has been designed to provide a unique synergy at a teacher level and at a senior management level.

One of the great strengths of the system is the ability to provide fully customisable elements to allow for an individual settings' preferred colour coding and bespoke groups/factors such as SEN, FSM, Pupil Premium, CLA, EAL, etc.

EAZ MAG Writer - Primary Edition
'One-Click' Tracker Creation Process

Who is it for?

The system is designed to be used by all teachers wishing to store assessment data and analyse this data in a multitude of ways. The Senior Management aspect allows school senior management teams to analyse data as a whole school, year group, set/stream, class, focus group and/or individual pupil basis.

How was it developed?

The system was developed by the Clifton EMAG development team under the direction of our own Learning Community Headteachers, Rotherham EYFS practitioner user group and the numerous valued contributors that make up our UK-wide user base.

EAZ MAG Writer - Primary Edition
Complete Pupil History from end of FS2 to Y6

What resources are available?

This system is supplied as an annual on-going subscription service and allows unlimited authorised users to use the system from any compatible device. All software updates are applied automatically and all authorised staff members have direct access to our support team as and when required.

On receipt of order, your unique system and support documentation will be supplied to you electronically for immediate use.

System Requirements
Standard web browser with a reliable Internet connection

What are the training implications?

Although the system is designed to be as user friendly as possible in-house training sessions can be booked in. Members of our support team are available for staff meetings, twilights or other INSET opportunities and each session is tailored to suit the specific requirements of the school.

EAZ MAG Writer - Primary Edition
Change MAG Colour Scheme / Create Bespoke Initiatives

Special Introductory Offer

As a special introductory offer to all schools/settings, we are supplying the EAZ MAG Writer - Primary Edition system with initial setup support at a special discounted price.

Please note that this special offer has now been extended until 31 January 2024.

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