Clifton EMAG Ltd Affiliate Consultant Program

Terms and Conditions:

  • For the purposes of this document, education consultants, school improvement professionals or companies approached by Clifton EMAG as part of the Affiliate Consultant Program to provide endorsements for EMAG will be referred to as 'participating consultants.'
  • Clifton EMAG Ltd. is happy for participating consultants to endorse and recommend us to primary schools and EYFS settings free of charge, however if they require a commission payment, it must be made clear to schools that this is a paid endorsement. It is the participating consultantís responsibility to disclose and make this clear to schools and other potential customers. (See appendix below for details on how to disclose this on social media if it is relevant to the participating consultant).
  • Clifton EMAG Ltd. will provide any information, training and publicity materials needed by participating consultants for endorsement purposes and supply a referral code for schools to quote when they purchase an EAZ MAG system. It is the participating consultantís responsibility to provide schools with this referral code.
  • Once Clifton EMAG Ltd. receives payment for a system from a school or EYFS setting quoting an approved referral code, the participating consultant will be contacted and asked to provide an invoice for payment of commission.
  • Clifton EMAG Ltd. agrees to make 5% commission payment on confirmed sales of EMAG systems from referrals from participating consultants based on the proviso of the school providing an approved referral code.
  • Clifton EMAG Ltd. reserves the right to terminate this agreement immediately at any time in the future.
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